By Ian Berger, JD
IRA Analyst


Does a SIMPLE IRA owner who is over age 73 and still works for the same company that sponsors the SIMPLE IRA plan have to take an RMD (required minimum distribution)? He does not own any of the company.


Yes. SIMPLE and SEP IRA owners cannot use the “still-working exception” to delay RMDs until retirement. For this purpose, SIMPLEs and SEPs are treated like IRAs – not plans. So, the first RMD would be due for the year the SIMPLE IRA owner turns age 73, regardless of employment status with the company.



I am trying to get information regarding an RMD for 2024. My husband, 12 years older than me, died in September 2023 at the age of 93. He had two IRAs, and I am the sole beneficiary of both. I was able to transfer them into my own name. For 2023, he had taken his RMD before he died.

I am not able to find out which IRS table I have to use for the 2024 RMD. Is it the Uniform Life Table or the Single Life Expectancy Table? No matter where I check on the IRS website or any other website, I can’t find the answer. Would you have an answer for me? I would really appreciate this.

Thank you very much,



Hi Gisela,

Once you did a spousal rollover of your husband’s IRA to your IRA, you became the owner of those funds. So, you would use the Uniform Lifetime Table to calculate your RMD for 2024 (and subsequent years). Use the combined balance on 12/31/23 to calculate your total 2024 RMD.